Key List Marketing FAQs

What is a mailer?

Mailers are online services where each site Member agrees to receive emails from other site Members. This exchange of emails is based on the simple principle of "I view your email and you view mine".
You can send emails promoting your personal website or any of your favorite online programs (as long as they comply with our Key List Marketing Terms of Service).

What is a "viral" mailer?

The term "viral" is used to indicate that as Key List Marketing's Member Base grows, you will be able to benefit by being able to email more Members increasing your potential email market.

What are credits?

Credits can be considered a site's "currency". Your ability to gain and use credits within a site usually determines how many site benefits you can use.

How many credits do I receive by joining Key List Marketing?

During Key List Marketing's Launch, Free Members will receive 500 Site credits once they verify their account.

I don't have enough Credits in my account currently to email to all the KLM Members I would like to have receive my email ad. How do I get more Credits?

Key List Marketing offers you several ways to gain credits:

1-You can select one of our Upgraded Memberships and receive more mailing credits each month. The number of credits you can receive is based on the Subscription/Membership Level you choose.

2-You can purchase one of our KLM Credit Packages either as a monthly subscription or a one time purchase of additional credits.

3-Look for e-mails from other Key List Marketing members.At the bottom of each e-mail, there should be
a link you can click to view their site and earn credit. For each credit you earn, you will be able to mail
another member of Key List Marketing.

Free Members receive 5 credits each time they read an email ad from another KLM Member and click the credit link provided inside the email. KLM  Members can also receive a Credit "Boost" after opening a certain number of emails per day! The amount of additional credits you receive depends on your Member Level and how many emails you have opened that particular day.

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